Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals

Finding Comfort after Losing Your Pet

What Readers of “Angel Animals Story of the Week” Believe You Should NEVER Say to Someone Who Has Lost a Pet

“It was only a dog/cat/rabbit/horse. . .”

Bianca Rothschild wrote about this kind of remark: “A lifetime of devotion and supreme loyalty brushed aside and rudeness of the individual personified.”

Debra Walker-Nipp: “Cleo was not just a dog. She was my true soul mate and gave her life to us. True devotion can’t be replaced or found that easily.”

“Why don’t you just get another one?”

Kathy Belk: “No way can you ever replace a special animal. Each one is unique. I truly believe God made them that way, as he did us humans.”

“Get over it. They are just stupid, dumb animals.”

Marla Johnson heard that comment about her deceased rabbit. She wrote, “I couldn’t believe how insensitive of a remark that was because in my opinion animals are very evolved spiritual beings who are here on this planet to help humans become kinder, more loving, and compassionate people.”

“You really didn’t need all the health costs and food expenses of those animals.”

A reader named Teresa responded to this remark by saying, “If I choose to spend my ENTIRE check on my babies, it’s none of your business.”

“At least it wasn’t a person. Or, you could have lost a family member instead of an animal.”

Jeanne Walker: “My animals are family members. I don’t own them. They are part of my family in the truest sense of the word – nonjudgmental, loving, and forgiving.


Finding Comfort after Losing Your Pet

“In this latest offering, the Andersons prove themselves to be the very angels and divine messengers of hope they write about in their Angel Animals series. Helping readers understand and successfully navigate the turbulent waters of grief, they remind us that the bond of love between a human soul and an animal soul is never broken and that the spiritual connection that binds us with a beloved animal never dies. Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals is fine reading for those who seek to better understand the agony of pet loss and priceless gift of compassion and love for anyone anticipating or coping with the loss of a cherished animal companion.”
--Marty Tousley, certified hospice bereavement counselor specializing in pet loss and author of Children and Pet Loss and
The Final Farewell