Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals

Five Ways for Coping with a Pet's Death

Journal or compose letters to your pet expressing gratitude for the love and friendship you shared and the emotions you are feeling now that he or she is gone.

To remember a love that will never die, collect mementoes and favorite photos of your pet and store them in an attractive container that you keep in a special place.

As long as it’s not illegal and doesn’t hurt you or others, do whatever helps you to heal. If you hope to reunite with pets in heaven or want to have a memorial service, ignore people who discourage these ways of comforting yourself.

Understand that we all grieve in our own way and our own amount of time. Your emotions over a pet’s death – sadness, guilt, anger, denial, hopelessness – are as intense and varied as for any other type of loss.

Honor your pet by helping other animals and make a donation to an animal shelter, rescue group, or sanctuary in his or her memory.

--Allen and Linda Anderson


Finding Comfort after Losing Your Pet

“This masterful and beautiful book is rich with wisdom, inspiration, and sound advice. With sensitivity and compassion as well as practical information, the Andersons gently and deftly guide us through the complex labyrinth of emotions associated with grief. I highly recommend this thoughtful, illuminating, and comforting book.”
--Diane Pomerance, PhD, creator and director of the Pet Grief Counseling Program, SPCA of Texas, and author of
When Your Pet Dies