Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals

Finding Comfort after Losing Your Pet

Are you going through the heartache of pet loss?

Do you have a friend or relative who has had a pet die?

Would you like to know that others understand how you are feeling?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place. Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals is a website devoted to helping you remember, mourn, and honor your beloved pet.

Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals is also the title of our new book, published by New World Library. We hope this book will offer consolation to those who must deal with the underestimated depth of grief that accompanies a pet’s death or disappearance from home.

Read excerpts from the book at this website. See if it helps you to navigate the troubled sea of emotions that have poured over you following the death of a pet.

Who We Are

We are Allen and Linda Anderson, speakers and authors of a series of popular anthologies published by New World Library about the benefits and complexities of human animal companionship.

Over the years, thousands of people have written and called us about their experiences with pet loss. We have personally experienced the loss of our own animal family members. So we know firsthand how devastating pet loss is and what a hole it leaves in a person’s heart.

We have designed our website and book to assure you that you are not alone. That what you are feeling is a normal aspect of grief and loss.

Browse through the website. Participate in the forums. Consider holding a pet memorial service or making some other tribute to the animals who have graced your life.

We believe:

  • The love of your animal companion will never die.
  • Only the physical body is gone.
  • The spirit lives on.
  • You’ll see your pet in heaven.

If you believe these things and they bring you comfort, it doesn’t matter what any one else says. You know they are true. We support you in the spiritual approach to pet loss and healing.

We are here for you. We understand. We care.

Animal blessings,
Allen and Linda Anderson
Founders, Angel Animals Network


The Unconditional Love of Your Pet

“Allen and Linda Anderson’s book gives us permission to acknowledge the intense bond we have with our animal companions and the deep loss we can experience after their deaths. It provides helpful stories, exercises, and memorial services respecting a variety of beliefs. Infused with kindness, their work offers us help, hope, and a rainbow during the storm. I have learned from it and will celebrate and share it.”
--The Reverend Mary Piper, Episcopal priest and chaplain, cofounder of the pet loss support program at Heart of the Valley Humane Society in Bozeman, Montana

"I especially appreciated this book's [Saying Goodbye] consistent message that animals are sentient beings who we can communicate with in meaningful ways both before and after their deaths."
-Species Link Magazine, Winter 2009

"In this wise and comforting guide to pet loss, [Saying Goodbye] the authors, well known for their "Angel Animals" anthologies, have written a simple and heartfelt examination of what to expect when faced with the death of a beloved pet."
--Sally Rosenthal, Best Friends Magazine, January/February 2009